Ever called for support on Office 365 and been left wondering when you will get an answer to your question?  Well... Microsoft is changing how end users gain technical support for Office 365 issues.  Now, after a little bit of administrative work on the back-end, Microsoft partners like Solve iT can take the pain out of getting support when you need it.  

By making your Microsoft Partner a delegated admin to your account, and then having them convert your account to a distribution channel account, you will have multiple layers of support at your side.  The first layer is the partner, the second layer is the distribution partner, and then Microsoft direct support behind that.

In this manner, you get the majority of your issues resolved without having to go Microsoft directly.  This scenario benefits everyone in the support chain and gets you the help when you need it.  If you are interested in working with Solve iT to get this level of support for your Office 365 licenses, give us a call at 980-505-SOLV (7658).