Intercept x Overview

New Sophos Intercept X gives you unrivaled protection against advanced zero-day threats. No other solution on the market offers so many features in a single package: signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, and anti-hacker technology; beautiful visual root-cause analysis; and advanced malware cleanup. Sophos Intercept X works alongside endpoint solutions from all leading vendors to extend and enhance your protection. Learn more and extend your protection today.

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The easy way to stop complex IT threats

New Sophos Intercept X gives you unrivalled protection from today’s complex, sophisticated attacks. This next-gen endpoint solution lets you stop ransomware, block zero-day threats, remove all lingering traces of malware from your system, and understand attacks with root-cause analysis. It runs alongside endpoint solutions from Sophos and other vendors to provide a powerful additional layer of security. Learn more.

Advanced Cleanup in 60 Seconds

Root Cause Analysis Explained in 2 Minutes