Click the Check Mark to Protect your System !

Click the Check Mark to Protect your System!

The Savvy Agent Computer Protection Plan provides cloud managed protection from Ransomware, Viruses, and other malicious software known as Malware that bogs down the speed of your computer and can put your clients' personal information at risk. 

You can do away with those other protections that you should be paying for annually.  This service updates itself and notifies Solve iT in the event that it cannot block or clean up something it finds that is bad for your system.  If that happens, we will contact you to arrange for the needed support to clean your machine.

For only $8 per Month you get managed Sophos Endpoint AND Intercept X anti-Ransomware protection!  (Click the links or product images to see full product brochures.)

PLEASE NOTE:  Plan does not include service outside of automated protection and Solve iT assumes no responsibility for patching operating system and other software.  By signing up for the service you accept these terms.