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Your IT Services Network


Connect With

Your IT Services Network

Banks & Credits Unions Gain Dividends with Failsafe SD-WAN

Learn how leading banks and credit unions like Meritrust eliminate costly network problems that result in dropped calls, slow service and frustrated members – prevent customer account churn.

How we help your business

Security - Are you confident that your data and systems are safe?

  • Synchronized Security protects your data no matter where it lives or who accesses it.

  • Reduce the life of bad actors on your network from an average of 30 days to 4 minutes.

  • Business Continuity when equipment or processes fail, they inevitably will… it’s only a matter of time.

Telecom - Are you confident that you are getting the best bang for your buck?

  • Low cost alternatives to traditional on-premise phone systems are now Enterprise Ready.

  • Enable Seamless OmniChannel communications between your staff and your customers in the ways that customers like to communicate: chat, voice, text, and email. Great solutions provide insight into Staff Scheduling challenges and help to promote productivity through gamification and accountability whether your agents are in one room or spread across multiple sites.

  • Shop Internet and Voice carriers half way through your existing agreements. We can help!

Cloud - Are Scalability, Mobility, & Predictable IT costs attractive to your business?

  • Is your company is ready to adopt cloud technology? Do you have reliable connectivity? Will your data be secure once it’s put in the cloud? We can tell you.

  • Eliminate hardware purchase, maintenance, and upgrade costs by hosting your servers in the cloud.

Managed IT Services & Support - Are the IT services you buy providing value to your business?

  • Solve iT provides soup to nuts services to clients without IT staff.

  • Leverage our industry knowledge and expertise in layering “best in breed” products and services behind your existing IT staff. In this way you only use and pay for exactly what you need while ensuring that our team is here to support yours. Get them plugged in to our IT Services network.

Advanced IT Services - Do you have experts at your beck and call?

  • Get the latest technology options that help save money and ensure the highest level of reliability.

  • Create a private cloud or co-locate your systems for disaster recovery scenarios.

980-505-SOLV (7658)

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Our services enhance your team

We work with your existing IT team and/or IT provider to ensure that your IT initiatives and infrastructure are in line with your Business Objectives.  A quick audit not only gives you confidence, but makes available to your IT staff all of our IT Services Network.

Call us at 980-505-SOLV (7658) or complete the form below for a no cost visit.


980-505-SOLV (7658)

Connect With

Your IT Services Network

980-505-SOLV (7658)

Connect With

Your IT Services Network

What our clients are saying about us:

Vascular Solutions

Dr. Peter Ford, President

Our company is a growing medical practice in south Charlotte.  Over the past 2 years our company has relied on Eddie’s knowledge, guidance and co-ordination of IT support.   During this time period our business has completely re-vamped its IT infrastructure; including hardware upgrade, network upgrade, and established a system for secure cloud-based data back-up.

We have also recently upgraded our integrated telephone communications system.  We have used Eddie (and his team) for technical guidance and troubleshooting throughout these ventures. We have been particularly impressed with the managed services program and the benefits this program provides.   Eddie has provided invaluable guidance and consultation. I recommend Eddie (and his team) without reservation.

Southeastern credit union

Mike Gudely, CEO

Since my intital experience was excellent, I didn’t hesitate to engage them at a subsequent company.  They are very professional, timely, and offer easy to understand and implement solutions.  We have used the firm for network management, systems design and intrusion/penetration security and testing. I highly recommended them for anyone seeking a great third party IT vendor.

Capital Management of the Carolinas

Rebecca Douglass, VP

Capital Management is a small brokerage firm with 8 employees.  We operate a money market trading desk with heavy phone communications from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm daily.  One day several employees found when they tried to access documents on our shared drive, the documents opened in an encrypted application.  We immediately called and within a few minutes were told that one of our computers had been infected with “ransomware” – not a word you want to hear!  We really did not believe it would ever happen to us!  

I have heard nightmare stories of how ransomware can cripple a firm’s technology and cost thousands of dollars to resolve the problem, but we could not have been more pleased with the response we received and the way they handled the entire situation.  We are a very small company but they gave us their immediate attention!  We cannot thank them enough!  Exceptional customer service!   

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